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Nicole Henderson: Intuitive, Remote Viewer

Hi. I'm Nicole. 


Self-Mastery is a big deal right now as we watch what's happening across the globe.


Whether you're here to get help with something, feel called to live your life differentlyor have a deep desire to learn to master your intuitive abilities, you're in the right place. 

No matter what reason brought you, you're here now and that's what matters! I am all about personal empowerment and am ready to help you unlock the wonders that exist within and around you. 

Forest Trail Your Path

Published Author,

Consultant/Instructor, Integrative & Holistic Health 

I began my holistic health education in the late 1980s and opened my first health store in 1994. I have been a health & wellness consultant most of my adult life.

My interests? Nature, animals, the magic of life, and mind over matter. I love sharing the wisdom of energy communication, self-healing, sensory mastery, Remote Viewing, the core science of intuition, and


ALL things natural that can aid in healing us from the inside out!

  • Masters degree in Theology & Holistic Health/Energy Medicine

  • Board Certified Counseling Intuitive / Empath

  • Cell Communication Specialist

  • Advanced Emotional Freedom Therapist

  • Remote Viewer (specializing in wellness for humans & animals.

  • Motorsports Consultant

  • Pro Athlete Coach

  • Teacher of Sensory Perception (Synesthesia/Synaesthesia)

  • Motivational Speaker

Forest Path
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