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Nicole Henderson: Intuitive, Remote Viewer

Hi. I'm Nicole. 

When I first opened my healthstore in 1994, I offered readings and stocked the shelves with medicinal products to help with healing and overall wellness.  Over 35 years in business I learned that overstocking shelves was a waste of energy. Often, what heals the body, mind, and spirit can be found within a 25 to 50-mile radius of where you live, so through years of trial and error, I learned what worked through tried and true research and personal transformation. Weeding out what didn't work inspired me to expand my education through the fields of Herbology, Nutrition, Wholism, Complimentary, Alternative, Energy, Mind-body Medicine, and Shamanism.  


Being a highly sensitive Empath made it important for me to understand how the energy, illnesses, and thoughts of others affected me. Feeling the pain and issues of others was quite debilitating until I realized that I didn't have to run from the sensory gifts I was born with. Rather than shut down, I embraced the gift and have been using it to help alleviate suffering.  

You're empathic too!

Many empaths today feel like they are going crazy because they don't realize how sensitive they are. 


Learning how to better use my sensory abilities along with mindfully immersing myself in studies related to Science, Quantum Physics, Anatomy, Cell physiology, Medical Intuition/Extra Sensory Perception, Remote Viewing, and other wholistic diagnostics and therapeutic healing modalities allowed me to fully experience how emotions are connected to our experiences in life, thus provoking dis-ease and disease.


There are many paths one can take to achieve wellness, to

analyze cellular dysfunction, and that can aid you in healing from the inside out.

There are Simple solutions

that can be put to work immediately. To learn how holistic and natural forms of healing can work for you, to identify and reduce stress, find your inner happy, or clear old wounds that affect and infect your body, mind, and spirit, connect to chat about upcoming events, classes, and session availability. 

The methods used and taught are holistic, safe, effective, and transformational.

Forest Trail Your Path

How I work

I use a walk-in-your-shoes, seek-to-understand approach which allows me to identify with and tune in to your life force energy and prior life experiences. It helps me sense what your body needs and what it's telling you it needs to heal. Together we create a path to wellness and inner peace. 

Services I offer and tools in my toolbox:

Intuitive Readings & remote and in-person diagnostic assessments for individuals seeking a more holistic approach to life, health, and overall wellness.

Tools, skills, abilities:

  • Remote Viewing & Medical Intuitive Protocols

  • Energetic Bio-Sonar diagnostics

  • Cellular Memory Detoxification/Behavior Modification Therapy/Body Talk/EFT

  • Psychometry

  • Quantum Jumping & Multidimensional healings

  • Telepathy for the voice-impaired

  • Animal Communication

  • Meditation, Affirmation & Breathwork techniques

  • Creative Visualization for the inner-sight impaired

  • Herbology & Organic gardening

Instructor of

The Science of Intuition

Remote Viewing~ used as a diagnostics tool for Medical/Health, Behavior Modification, Search & Rescue, Business Assessments, Mediation & Peace Keeper, Athletic performance and more

Cellular Memory/cell-to-cell communication used in connection with other healing modalities

Herbalism/herbs use for healing from the inside out & organic gardening

Empathy/Telepathy/Echolocation-Bio Sonar ~ sensory integration & self / 'cell-f' mastery

Emotional Freedom Therapy (Adv. EFT), tapping the power within & self-health through meditation and breathwork

Accepting Video & phone sessions

In-person sessions are accepted after an initial phone consultation.

Stay tuned for 2024 classes & retreats ~ now being scheduled

If you have questions or wonder whether I can help, Contact me by email:



Forest Path


Trusting the calling to move to Tennessee over 2 years ago proved to be advantageous. Quieting the noise and stepping away from city living was difficult at first, yet helped me to be healthier and more at peace with what was happening in the world. Mountains, fresh air, and a smaller community allowed me to get clearer about the energy and experiences I was calling into my life and helped me to be in alignment with my life purpose. 

You have probably noticed that the resources we've had access to are dwindling or just not offered to us anymore. Knowing what's available in the years to come, what your body will tolerate and use, and when to use those things for healing, work, and life change are important.

What we can each learn from one another will never be wasted. Everything we learn is

or will be useful to us or others today or in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. What you will find useful by working with me are tools, techniques, and resources that will be helpful for day-to-day living as well as during times of great transition. 

More Goodies

~ Holistic health advisor/ organic/biodynamic living geek


~ Dog mama to our German Shepherd "Nia"


~ Peace, animal & human rights activist

~ Unity-mindedness & advocate of mind-over-matter 


~ Supporter of professional women who share a wealth of information about their sacred journeys


~ Motivational visionary, inspirational speaker


~ Therapeutic Empath & Telepath, communicating with and giving power to the voiceless

~ Writer and the published author of On Sacred Time: Tapping the Power Within, sharing my life experiences and processes that guide readers toward better health and sacred healing.  This book is being revised and will launch soon under the title of LIVE ON SACRED TIME, Tap the Power Within

            EVOLUTIO: Raising Humanity, Accelerating Human Potential,

           my newest book is being released on the EvolutioEarth and SEE Infinitely

           platforms in 2024

~ Collaborating writer of FLASH, The Science of Intuition released in 2018 with Dr. Anne Watson

~ Global team member: Western Institute for Remote Viewing

~ Radio and Zoom TV show host of ONE WORLD radio & SEE Infinitely: performing live remote health assessments for callers seeking ways to live mindfully and purposefully

~ Board-certified counseling Intuitive, Medical Remote Viewer, Shaman, Cellular Memory, Advanced Emotional Freedom Therapist, and Herbalist



Reach out and connect with me! 

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