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Raising Humanity 

If you're looking for positive permanent change in your life, this book delivers ten-fold!

EVOLUTIO will awaken the power in you!

Henderson masterfully shares her experiences of self-growth and intuitive development while teaching you to access latent information stored in your very own DNA that will change your life for the better. 

SEE and experience interconnection  for men, women, and children of all ages — it awakens greater intuitive insight and cellular memory for healing the body, relationships, and life experiences in a way that empowers and awakens true inner peace. Are you angry, depressed, resistant to the things you see happening in the world? Do you want to experience change that lasts? It's time to embrace and accelerate your human potential.

Coming Soon! EVOLUTIO 

Live Remote Viewing (RV) Group

Be Available to learn, grow and transform your life through the use of proven RV Practices.

We use Remote Viewing for everything!

Book release & program TBA



Nicole Myers Henderson HEAL online classes


HEAL is a Live online class that teaches you how to tap into the wisdom locked within the cells of your body to restore peace and ignite your healing potential. 

Tap into and work with your

Inner Physician. 

Learn about and practice Medical Remote Viewing, 

Quantum supersymmetry,

Cellular Memory, and

Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT].


Starting Soon! Subscribe to HEAL Wellness Wednesday Weekly Live Zoom Group

Learn, share, and grow with others. TBA

If you cannot attend the live group each week, recorded classes are available to learn, heal, and grow at your own pace.

Nicole Myers Henderson On Sacred Time Book


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On Sacred Time

2005, deep in meditation, Henderson is instructed to write this book to share an upcoming near-death experience that will help save many lives in the years to come and help readers understand how to develop their own intuitive abilities.  Not believing what she was told to do, Henderson asked if there was a special message that this book was supposed to deliver to readers. What came through took her by surprise. 

The message for you to consider:

"Congratulations...Man has perfected war. When will you all rise to the challenge of perfecting peace?"

Soon after receiving this message her life changed forever. 

Where is the power of God/the great I AM presence/the source of all things in today's world while the masses struggle with illness, disease, and instability?

Knowing where to look will ignite the power in you! 

If you feel as if you struggle through life... you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, or you're just plain fed up with the waring mentality of humans... 

On Sacred Time will challenge your beliefs and introduce you to new ways of thinking that will change the way you experience your life. 

Tap into your power, restore inner peace, ignite your healing potential, and inspire world peace and oneness.



Paperback (while supplies last) $23

Products I use and am pleased to share with you

Live Good Nutritional Supplements Empowered Intuitive

Empowered Intuitive Live Good

With a commitment to helping people, LiveGood brings you advanced nutritional supplements, made with only high quality, results-driven ingredients, without the expensive pricing mark-ups of other companies. Independent Distributor 

Bemer Health Device Nicole Myers Henderson

BEMER is about changing the way we think about our health, about challenging our understanding of the human body, and empowering us to reach optimal physical condition. Blood flow plays a critical role in our general health. BEMER stimulates healthy muscles to improve and facilitate muscle performance. Independent Distributor

LifeWave Stemcell Activation Empowered Intuitive

Stemcell Activation

LifeWave’s X39 Stemcell Activation for health technology harnesses your body’s natural, restorative energy and enhances your ability to live well. Independent Distributor

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